Leveraging technology to support sustainable growth.
Process improvement and redesign.
Custom software, data architecture and database development.
Developing financial and operational infrastructure to remain competitive.


Buying or selling a business can be complicated.  Before you do so, get an idea of what its fair market value is.  By doing so, you will have a clearer negotiating range, walkaway thresholds and a solid basis for your offer.



Starting a business requires a great deal of planning and preparation.  A major part of that process is the financial plan, including forecasts and proforma financial statements.  We can help evaluate your business plan or work with you to develop the financial modeling that's required for an effective presentation.



Complicated problems sometimes need complex solutions.  Through financial modeling, we can break a complicated decision into several interrelating parts, thereby making it possible to consider all elements when evaluating the whole problem.  Understand what your options are before making a decision, whether it's a decision to lease v. buy, to apply for a loan or to make an investment.



With a strong understanding of financial markets, investments and risk/return tradeoff, we can provide you with unbiased questions to ask when meeting with your financial advisor.



Businesses may require that custom software applications are designed and built to make internal or external processes run more smoothly.  We have the experience and expertise to take a project from start to finish, resulting in a complete software solution that can replace your existing manual process and perform those tasks more efficiently and with less errors.



For meetings where you need a finance professional on your side.


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